About Yfree

“Free-dive is a meditative state. The freefall is beautiful, it can be very peaceful.” (William Trubridge)

Yfree is an observatory of the latest science that relates yoga, freediving, and wellbeing, but it is also designed to create a community of people interested to combine these two activities (yoga + freediving = Yfree) as a source of peace and healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature. YFree is the link to connect the more spiritual (but not religious) groups within both communities that prioritize wellbeing and sustainability over material or physical things.

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Who is behind and Why?

His founder is Lorenzo Garcia, a biomedical engineer, and lecturer. Lorenzo born and raised in the Canary Islands but moved to New Zealand where he lives since 2016. He loves nature and quality of life. He is an enthusiastic athlete that enjoys any outdoor activity. Triathlete since 1997 (including +10 Ironman’s finisher) he still keeps swimming, running and cycling regularly but just for fun. However, currently, he is more focused on yoga (practitioner since 2012), freediving, surfing, and hiking.

During 2018 and 2019 Lorenzo had to deal with several personal issues that threatened his mental health and emotional stability. He understood anyone could be fragile at some point in their life. Attracted for the peace of both yoga and freediving, he started to be curious about their interrelation and its positive effects with wellbeing. Yfree is the product of his inquisitiveness.

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