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Is it expensive to join Yfree?

Simple. It cost nothing. Yfree is all about a community that meets voluntarily (and regularly). There is no business purpose involved. But, important, you must be part of a Freediving Club or Freediving Organization and we recommend you to practice Yoga in a certified school or studio.

What Is the difference between snorkeling and freediving?

Snorkelers remain on the surface of the ocean looking down with their mask while breathing through their snorkels. Whereas, freedivers dive deep beneath the ocean’s surface holding their breath until they resurface. 

Is it scary?

If you follow a freediving course you learn how to control your breathing and your thoughts to allow freediving to be the most calming and relaxing feeling – free of fear. It is the most amazing natural high you can experience. This is when you will start to get addicted to freediving!

Do I need my own freediving equipment to practice with Yfree community? Is it costly?

Not at all. Freediving as yoga is a very minimalist activity. Freedivers only require only two basic equipment items: googles and wetsuit (depending on location). You can even practice with us the dry exercises of Pranayama, Yoga and face sumersion in a bowl, without any equipment. You don’t even need to be in a pool or in the ocean to experience it.

How much time per week is required to be part of Yfree?

Not much. Literally 1 hour is enough to experience the benefits. The idea with Yfree is to meet for 1 hour (sometimes 2 hours) weekly to practice. However, consider the majority of the persons are regular yoga practitioners (2-3 sessions a week) and belong to some freediving club (1 session a week).

Do many women practice Yfree?

Freediving has more and more become a popular sport and activity for women whereas yoga is becoming for men. The fitness, aesthetic, and health and mental benefits of freediving has helped boost this popularity among woman. Enrollments in clubs and training groups bring the percentage of women freedivers close to 50%.

What kind of excercises do you practice in YFree?

Basically we do yoga and we work in breath control. Within Yfree we pursuit to reach maximum relaxation and to calm your mind. We add some excercices of medidation, autosugestion, body scan, visualization, mindfulness, and dry walking (holding your breath) as complement of your yoga or freediving practice.

Do you use some biofeedback technology?

We do try to minimize the use of external aids and try to develop awarenes of the body feelings. Depending on the community you join you may be monitored using Heart Rate, Oximeter, etc.

Can I do Yfree when I have my period?

A big majority of female divers dive during their period, for decades female divers have dived while menstruating. Some studies suggest regular practice of yoga is related with an improvement in the psychological status in premenstrual phase when compared with postmenstrual phase and also that regular practice of yoga has beneficial effects on both phases of menstrual cycle. What is more (asanas, breathing exercises (Pranayama) and alternate nostril(Anuloma Viloma) could be prescribed as a preventive measure to cope up with the premenstrual problems in girls but also as a beneficial therapy in the management of irregular menstruation and reducing the pain during menstruation.

Is Yfree dangerous? What about freediving?

Yfree is not dangerous, the opposite is very beneficial not just because of the breathing techniques but also with the social benefits of being in a community. Recreational freediving is not necessarily dangerous. The most dangerous activity in freediving, however, is when beginners, without the presence of effective safety systems, start training on their own, which can cause lethal accidents even in a pool. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to contact established freediving clubs or schools, to learn how to train in a safe manner, and to find other divers with the necessary knowledge to act as safety divers.

What does make Yfree community so special?

Some people that discover freediving, feel that they found themselves. To be underwater makes and the silence directs your attention towards feelings inside, abandoning life as we know it.
Apnea – to stop breathing, means presence, relaxation, awareness.
When you ask your body to stop breathing for longer and longer times, you are forced to take certain steps. Steps toward health, towards discipline, towards mental control.
We are what we think, and we are what we eat – these two elements define what we can do with our bodies and this what the Yfree community is about.

Is not the combination yoga with freediving just a passing fashion?

The French freediver Jaques Mayol (1927-2001) became the frist to breach 100m, diving on a sledge. Mayol, who was born in Shanghai, became a pioneer as he introduced Eastern techniques of yoga and meditation in freediving, which have since become central elements of the sport. Mayol employed Pranayama yoga to relax through controlled breathing.

Why do you normally accompany your post with female pictures?

Honestly, I don’t know 🙂 I search online to illustrate my posts with some images and it is true in the initial articles it seems there are more girls. Thinking about it, I try to find something artistic, and maybe women are exploring more the aesthetic face of freediving. As happened in other sports such as rock climbing or surfing I practiced, women added another different dimension, and I simply like it more. However, I have to say (as a man) I approached freediving due to several TED talks I watched accidentally and were guys 😉 Guillaume Néry , William Trubridge and Umberto Pelizzari