We are

We are a community that combines yoga, freediving, and contact with nature to improve wellbeing. Generally, we are a specific group within a freediving club focused on the meditative (and artistic) aspects of the sport above the performance. We meet weekly to practice dry exercises of relaxation, calm, breath improvement and focus.

Structure of a typical session: Introduction (10′-15′), Breathing exercises for relaxation (10′-15′), Breath holding training (10′-15′), Free meditation (10′), Closure (5′-15′) [Optional: after session herbal tea/smoothie/natural juice or light meal sharing (30′-60′)]

Our idea is to learn together, to grow together and to support each other.

Regularly, we also organize talks, documentary projections, snorkeling/freediving trips, hiking trips, cooking courses, photography workshops, and so on. We are passionate about sustainability, health, and quality of life. Our activities normally are integrated within some yoga studio or within our freediving club.

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We started here:

Auckland, New Zealand:

  • Host organization: A. Freediving Club.
  • Meeting day/time: Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. or Fridays 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. (Notice: we will start again 15th January)
  • Responsable and Contact: Lorenzo Garcia . Email: lorenzgarci@ outlook.com or Social Media: Pending to launch!

But we want to expand our community. If you are doing Yfree, please let us know to include your details here.

Bali, Indonesia: (Pending to launch)

  • Host organization:
  • Meeting day/time:
  • Responsable and Contact:

Vancouver, Canada: (Pending to launch)

  • Host organization:
  • Meeting day/time:
  • Responsable and Contact:

Moscow – Russia; Merida – Mexico; Brussels – Belgium; Pereira – Colombia; Villeneuve – Switzerland; Dahab – Egypt; Tenerife – Spain; Borneo – Malasya; Tokyo – Japan; China; Lyon – France; Noumea – New Caledonia; ….